Start Laser Hair Removal Now and Be Pool Ready by Summer

Unwanted hair makes you a slave to its removal. Whether you choose a short-term solution like shaving or longer-term methods like waxing or plucking, before long you’re back where you started. Pool season may mean constant attention to stay smooth through to Labor Day.

However, we have a permanent hair removal solution available, and if you start right away, you could be ready to rock this summer without worrying about body hair maintenance. Here at Ross Bridge Medical Center, we provide permanent hair removal treatments with the Diolaze laser system.

Starting treatment now means you’ll have significant permanent body hair removal in time for your July 4th pool party. Here’s how laser hair removal can help you.

Invisibility and absorption

Laser light has unique properties that prove useful for a wide range of medical and aesthetic applications. There are different types of lasers, each with its own characteristics and applications. For hair removal, Dr. Madhav Devani and his team look to the Diolaze laser platform, a versatile, multi-treatment system with features that make it ideal for hair removal treatment.

The secret behind permanent hair removal is the disabling of hair follicles. Since these exist below the surface of the skin, there needs to be a way to interrupt the development of the follicles without damaging the surrounding skin. Diolaze delivers light energy into your hair follicles without affecting the surrounding tissue.

The heat’s the thing

When follicles absorb light from the Diolaze laser, they begin to warm. Beyond a certain temperature, follicles lose their ability to grow hair. Your body senses when a follicle becomes damaged and starts a process that removes it permanently from your body.

However, follicles are vulnerable to laser light only when they’re in the growth stage of hair production, which is about one-third of their overall cycle. For the best permanent hair removal, you’ll need a minimum of three treatments about six weeks apart to catch all the follicles in their growth stage. Your results could vary due to your unique hair conditions.

Treatment zones

Typically, it doesn’t matter where unwanted hair grows. The Diolaze laser system treats the most common area for excess body hair. These often include the:

  • Arms
  • Armpits
  • Back
  • Bikini area
  • Chest
  • Legs
  • Upper Lip

The length of your session depends on the number and size of the treatment areas. You could be finished in five minutes for a small area, or a more thorough session could take up to an hour.

The Diolaze laser energy feels like a brief snap of an elastic band on the treatment zone. It’s well-tolerated by most patients, so you won’t likely feel uncomfortable.

The laser hair removal process does take time, since the Diolaze triggers a natural process. The time to act is now, so contact our team at Ross Bridge Medical Center about your suitability for hair removal with the Diolaze laser system. Call our office directly at 205-494-7677 or use the online booking tool. Be at your best for summer by starting now.


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