Why Choose The Obagi Skin Care Line

With so many different skincare products on the market, finding the right products for your skin can be a daunting task. You might spend a fortune finding an ideal, reliable, and effective skincare product. If you are tired of purchasing unreliable skincare products, Obagi skin care products are the best option.

Founded by Dr. Zein Obagi, a board-certified dermatologist, Obagi has over ten decades of advanced skincare solutions. Obagi credits its success to innovation and deeply rooted scientifically proven ingredients that are specially formulated to correct different types of skin concerns.  

Obagi skin care products are clinically proven to promote healthy, glowing skin for all skin types. Whether it’s wrinkles or acne, Obagi skin care products are trusted by dermatologists to address your skin’s needs effectively. Obagi is available at dermatological clinics because it’s essential first to get a diagnosis of your particular skin problem from a dermatologist who recommends the right product for your skin concerns. 

At Rose Bridge Medical Center, we are proud to offer Obagi skin care products for glowing, evenly toned, and smooth skin. Our highly skilled dermatologists begin by determining your skin type to recommend the right product for your skin goals and needs.

Benefits of Obagi Skincare Products

Obagi has a wide array of skincare products that fix specific skin conditions like:

Acne Treatment 

Acne is a problematic skin condition caused by excess sebum(oil) production, which clogs the skin’s pores, leading to irritable, inflamed skin. Though common in teenagers, acne can progress to adulthood due to lifestyle habits, genes, or stress, causing low self-esteem issues. Obagi has various acne products, from wipes, foaming cleansers, topical creams, moisturizers, and lotions specially formulated to eliminate and cure acne. Obagi has zero side effects, unlike other products.

One of the most effective anti-acne treatments Obagi offers is CLENZIderm therapeutic lotion which contains 5% benzoyl peroxide (BPO) to help clear acne. The lotion does not stick to the skin’s surface for an extended period making it safe. Dermatologists combine it with CLENZIderm Pore Therapy formulated with 2% salicylic acid to make it more effective. This unclogs pores while exfoliating dead skin cells, leaving you with glowing, smooth skin.

Wrinkles and Fine Lines 

Wrinkles, fine lines, and crow’s feet appear suddenly around the eyes caused by sun damage and insufficient moisturization. The innovative Obagi’s Retin-A Tretinoin skincare product prevents wrinkles and aging skin by stimulating collagen production and skin cell turnover. 

The Suzan Obagi line is ideal for sensitive skin since they contain no paraben, fragrance, or dye and is hyper allergenic. Combining it with the 360 exfoliating cleansers and the non-greasy Hydrate Luxe moisturizer leaves the skin soft and rejuvenated. Obagi retinal products minimize redness and irritation, and skin damage by environmental pollution. The products are best combined with Obagi Sunshield Matte SPF50, which protects the skin from sun damage.

Dry, Dehydrated Skin Moisturizers 

Dry skin can be caused by ineffective acne products, sun damage, or skin neglect. The Obagi Hydrate moisturizer profoundly moisturizes the skin throughout the day. At night the Obagi Hydrate Luxe provides long-lasting moisturization through the night. Combining these products with Obagi Medical Professional-C Serum (for sensitive skin) rejuvenates, brightens, and moisturizes the skin effectively.

Dark Spots and Hyperpigmentation Treatment 

Hyperpigmentation is caused by hormonal changes, genetics, or sun damage. L-Ascorbic Acid and antioxidants are ideal for hyperpigmentation treatment. 

The Obagi Nu-Derm FX system treats hyperpigmentation by eliminating age spots and sunspots. Obagi Clear FX and Blend FX creams contain 7% arbutin, lactic acid, and antioxidants that brighten and improve the appearance of the skin.

For more information on skincare and other Obagi skin care products, contact Rose Bridge Medical Centre for flawless, youthful skin.


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